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Book Reviews
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Rich People Problems
by Kevin Kwan

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While still a fun read, I felt this was the least engaging of the series. Instead of focusing on the whimsy and fantasy that made the first two so fun this one is more bogged down with side characters and infighting in an attempt to tie everything up with a twist ending.

I Mom So Hard
by Kristen Hensley and Jen

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So much fun - laugh out loud, relatable, real, honest - a must read for and mom.

by Josh Malerman

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I loved Bird Box. It is one of my all-time favourite books. So when I found out about Malorie, I was equal parts excited and nervous. Luckily, I really enjoyed it. It’s not quite as good as Bird Box, but it is still fast-paced, interesting, and of course, creepy.

Window On My Heart: The Autobiography of Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, G.B.E.
by Lady Baden-Powell and Mary Drewery

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A very interesting read about the life of Lady Olave Baden-Powell. I learned lots about not only Olave's life, but also about some unknown aspects of of Guiding and Scouting.

The Library Book
by Susan Orlean

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There was a lot of interesting information in The Library Book, but I wasn’t a big fan of the structure. Orlean essentially wrote three different books: (1) a love letter to libraries (2) a history of the Los Angeles Public Libraries and its librarians from 1880 to now, and (3) an investigation into the fire that occurred at the central branch of LAPL on April 29, 1986. These three topics were interspersed with each other in alternating chapters, which ended up feeling a bit choppy. I would just feel immersed in one topic, when it would switch to another. I wish the story was told more linearly, or that this book was divided into different sections.

Transcendent 2
by Bogi Takacs

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This was an amazing anthology of trans centered speculative fiction.

Behind Her Eyes
by Sarah Pinborough

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I was a bit bored through most of this book, but I must admit that the last chapter had me shocked!

Big Nate Strikes Again
by Lincoln Peirce

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Super good! You should definitely try this book!

The Wolf that Never Sleeps: A Story of Baden-Powell
by Marguerite De Beaumont

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An interesting biography about Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. It had lots of stories that I have never before heard in the Guiding and Scouting circles. I learned lots about the founder's experience and about it contributed to and shaped the organizations he started over a hundred years ago.

Lego Coast Guard
by Lego Book

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It was surprising

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