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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do
by Amy Morin

Excellent and a page turner here!

When The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing, Daniel Pink
by Daniel Pink

I've always been fascinated with time and Daniel Pink provides excellent information on doing things at certain times. I've certainly resonated with the behaviours he explained and am applying it to better manage my time based on how I feel. Life can get crazy busy but if you don't take time to make time you'll continue to run in circles.

Dancing In The Mosque
by Homeira Qaderi

Women's rights activist Homeira Qaderi documents her life through letters to the son she was forced to abandon in Afghanistan in 2015. Her memoir depicts the life of a female growing up in a stringently patriarchal society during the horrors and deprivation of the Russian occupation, and the terror and oppression of Taliban rule in wartorn Afghanistan. Married off at 17, Qaderi experienced her first taste of women's freedom while living with her husband in Iran. But a return to Afghanistan meant a return to the struggle to live life on her own terms. Despite her tribulations, Qaderi offers vignettes of optimism and sheer joy, such as the exuberant account of the event that gave this book its title.

Anxious For Nothing Max Lucado
by Max Lucado

Was really moved by this book!

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, And The Quest For A Fantastic Future
by Ashlee Vance

Inspirational Read and great insight into the tech world

The Expo Files: Articles By The Crusading Journalist
by Stieg Larsson

While Stieg Larsson is best-known in Canada as the crime fiction writer of the Millennium Trilogy, he was first and foremost a prolific journalist committed to exposing Neo-Nazis and far-right movements in Sweden. The Expo Files is a collection of Larsson's well-researched, insightful, thought-provoking articles and essays that are as relevant today in what they articulate about far-right and populist movements, racism, and anti-democratic ideology as they were when they were written.

by Matthew Bin

This compelling novel about a World War Two-era Canadian fighter pilot chronicles his final four missions while he was suffering from what would today be recognized as post-traumatic stress. The tale of his struggle to be released from flying further missions and the shame of being labelled a coward brings to light one tragic consequence of war on those who served.

The Couple Next Door
by Shari Lapena

A baby goes missing, and a police investigation immediately focuses on the parents. As the investigation unfolds, blemishes start to appear in the seemingly dewy life of the young couple. Each new revelation of truth or lie adds a new plot wrinkle that will keep you reading, long after you should have turned your bedside light off.

The Case Against Fragrance
by Kate Grenville

If you've ever developed a headache in the cleaning product aisle, or from someone's too liberal use of body spray, you'll want to read this book. Kate Grenville has produced a well-researched cautionary tale about the dangers of toxic chemicals that surround us everyday in scented body products, cosmetics, deodorants, laundry and cleaning products, and even baby products. Grenville's investigation discloses some of the ingredients that can lead to headaches, skin rashes, and nervous system disorders; relates laboratory testing methods that fail to protect consumers; and discusses chemical effects in the environment from substances known to be "gender bending" or carcinogenic. Grenville makes a convincing case that will send you to your bathroom and laundry room shelves for a cleansing purge.

To Be a Family
by Joan Kilby

A great story about friendships and overcoming obstacles and trusting others.
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